Sherwyn Sing

Sherwyn originally cut his teeth as a chef and hotelier in South Africa before entering the wider business and consulting arenas through his work with an anthropologist in a cross-cultural consulting firm. He subsequently went on to hold senior human resources and organisational learning and performance positions in the United Kingdom with reputable companies, such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Motorola.

In 2009, Sherwyn transitioned into full-time consulting, working with companies like GE Healthcare and Cedar (now owned by Lee Hecht Harrison, a large UK-based HR consulting services firm), before establishing Hypergrowth·Buzz in 2017. Over the years, he has managed several global projects for a range of companies, each of which have predominantly concentrated on organisational culture, performance, and change leadership, with a strong focus on senior teams and on sales and marketing populations. His clients have included King Wood Malleson, De Beers, Omnico Group, and BP.

Now, Sherwyn continues to run his firm while consulting with Heartcore as an associate, where he focuses on sales transformation, salesforce evaluation, and C suite change.